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What is API and Aicat?



API (Agente de la Propiedad Inmobiliaria) is the largest Spanish real estate organization. The API title is issued by the Ministry of Public Works, Transport and Environment, after attending a training course and passing the qualification tests. 

API certified real estate agents are highly qualified professionals in all real estate issues and are supported by the Association of Real Estate Agents, who supervises the professionalism of the services of their members.


Aicat – Registre d’Agents Immobiliaris de Catalunya

The purpose of this Registry of Real Estate Agents in Catalonia is to promote transparency in the housing sector and ensure the protection of consumers. It is a public register and obligatory for all professionals and companies working in the real estate branch.

The registration gives the status of Real Estate Agent in Catalonia and guarantees that they meet with all requirements and conditions for exercising this activity, as:
– Mandatory registration with the Generalitat de Catalunya (the Catalan state). This is only possible if there is sufficient experience and if training requirements are met
– Have a third party insurance of at least € 600.000,–
– Have an insurance/bank deposit which covers down payments up to € 60.000,–
– All registered Real Estate Agents will have a sign in their window in order to recognize the officially registered professionals

Casalmonte is an API certified real estate and member of the Association of Real Estate Agents (no. 19753). Of course, we are also registered in the Register of Real Estate Agents in Catalonia (Aicat 3102). 

In a complex market as the housing market, it is important that you let yourself be accompanied by a professional. Therefore, make sure that you always work with a certified and registered agent!