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About us

We are the only real estate agency in the Spanish Pyrenees specialized in rustic properties.

Casalmonte is located in the beautiful Spanish pre-Pyrenees, an area with stunning nature, beautiful villages, friendly people, a rich cultural heritage, plenty of sporting opportunities and a wonderful climate.

Our focus is on 'lifestyle'; we would like you to get to know the inhabitants of this area in the historic villages, their uses and delicious cuisine, nature and culture, in short: the authentic Spanish life. We have deliberately chosen this area because the characteristic atmosphere of living and architecture is preserved. For this reason we are specialized in the sale of authentic village houses, traditional farmhouses, farms, restoration projects, etc. Occasionally we also sell new building projects that fit well within the original building and the environment.

Due to our knowledge of the area, the possibilities, the housing market and the years of experience in matching the specific needs and requirements of our international customers, we are very successful in finding and purchasing just the one property you are looking for.

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The way we work is very simple: if there is any property of special interest to you, or if you have any questions, please contact us. We welcome this contact and will advise you on next steps. At this stage there are obviously no costs involved.

Once you have found your dream house through Casalmonte, we will guide you in a professional way through the whole buying process. A good cooperation between buyer, seller and agent is very important to us.

We promise transparency and honesty throughout the process and of course you can also count on us after you’ve purchased your property. Our knowledge, experience, professionalism and personal approach are highly appreciated by our customers.

We look forward to meeting you and helping you to start enjoying the beautiful Spanish life!

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Certified professionals

We advise and guide you in a professional and customer-friendly manner during all phases of the buying process and the phase thereafter. We are API certified (the real estate agents organization in Spain) and are registered in the Catalan Real Estate Register (Aicat). The requirements set for this registration are in accordance with the European Standard such as: thorough training and professional knowledge, certification, high degree of service, insurance, documents, etc.

Buying a home abroad is something completely different from the purchase of a property in your own country. It is therefore highly recommended to work with an agent who knows the local real estate market very well and is also aware of all legal issues.

A Spanish agent carries out the interests of both parties, but the accent lies on that of the buying party. That is not surprising because the purchase of a property in Spain requires a serious investigation into the legality, title deeds, possible outstanding debts, cadastral description, etc.

Therefore, it is strongly recommended to let a qualified and experienced estate agent advise and guide you during the buying process to avoid any annoying surprises afterwards. For you as a buyer, this service is free of charge because the agency is paid by the seller.

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Who we are

In 2001 we, Greta Schoonebeek and Thijs Andela, came for the first time to this beautiful area. We immediately fell in love and decided that we wanted to settle permanently here and share this all with others. In 2005 we achieved this wish with the start of Casalmonte.

Greta has studied Organizational Psychology, is result-oriented and her passion lies in the direct and personal guidance of people in unfamiliar and often opaque processes. Greta has completed the real estate agent training in Spain and is the one that will guide you through the entire buying process professionally and efficiently. In addition, she is a certified appraiser. She speaks Dutch, English and Spanish.

Thijs is responsible for the Casalmonte website and marketing. All the beautiful photos of the houses and surroundings are also taken by him. He is always aware of the latest developments in his field and likes to reflect that in innovations on the website or newsletter for example. He has a great passion for the original building in this area and can assist you well if you are planning a renovation project. Thijs speaks Dutch, English and Spanish.

Together with our extensive network of architects, builders and fellow real estate agents, we are ready to help you to find your ideal home, location and lifestyle in this beautiful region.

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Google maps

We provide as much information as possible about the properties we have for sale and about the location and the surrounding area. Perhaps you have noticed that we do not name villages and/or give the coordinates of the houses. We do this to protect the privacy of the seller. It has happened regularly that people, without informing the agent or seller, visit the property on their own and even ask if they can come and have look. Our vendors do not really appreciate this.

We are of course happy to answer all additional questions you might have about the location of a house.

We will further, in agreement with the seller, ensure that you get all the time for a good viewing at a moment that suits you.

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Healthy investment

Investing in a property in Spain is a good alternative, as interest rates on savings are so low. The housing market in Spain has stabilized and there are clear signs of a cautious recovery. That’s why this is a good time to invest. The recent housing market crisis has further shown that rustic properties retain their value, reducing the risk.

Buying a property in Spain is also a perfect buy to rent investment; the Spanish tourist sector breaks record after record.

It is not only an economically interesting investment, it's also a healthy investment: living in Spain is a good investment in a long and healthy life. The WHO lists Spain, after Japan, in second place worldwide in terms of lifespan. And a recent study by Eurostat has shown that Spaniards have the longest life expectancy in Europe (83.2 years). In addition, Spanish healthcare is among the best in the world.

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