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You want to sell your property but do not know the market value? Or maybe you want to hear from an independent party if the sales price of your dream home is a realistic price?

Whatever the reason may be, determining the value of a property is a speciality and must be performed by a certified appraiser. As a certified API real estate agent we are also certified to determine the market value of a property and we provide a well-founded, clear and objective appraisal.

If you are interested in a valuation, please feel free to contact us.
Of course a value determination is for free if you advertise your property for sale with us.

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Habitation Certificate

The habitation certificate or so-called cédula de habitabilidad is a certificate made by an architect that shows that a house meets the minimum conditions of habitability. The habitation certificate is necessary for connecting to mains water and electricity.
In the case of new construction, the certificate will be given at the time of delivery. When selling an existing property, the seller has the duty to hand over the habitation certificate to the buyer.

We can provide you with the habitation certificate, the cost of which is € 135,– (excluding VAT).

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Energy Performance Certificate

Since June 2013, all properties offered for sale must have an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC). An EPC indicates how energy efficient a house is. Without this certificate, it is not possible to sell a house and fines from 300 to 6000 euros can be issued on the owner of the property.

In order to obtain an EPC, the property is extensively inspected by an authorized technical agency. After that, the house receives an energy label, with a letter from A to G, where A is the most energy efficient and G represents the least energy efficient class.

We can provide the EPC for you, the cost of which is € 135,– (excluding VAT).

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Purchase assistance

Have you found a house yourself or through another agency, but would you like professional guidance in your own language when purchasing, then we can help you. You can hire us at any time during the buying process, but you can also leave the entire buying process up to us.

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Home staging

Nothing is so important for aspirant buyers as the first impression of a home. They must feel at ease immediately without being distracted by the furnishings and personal items of the current residents. Home staging is therefore about preparing the house to attract as many potential buyers as possible.

This is not done by expensive renovations, but with small changes that are often cheap and sometimes even free of charge. These include for example the removal of unnecessary and personal elements, the creation of space, the reorganization of spaces, and the optimal use of light, colors and accessories.

We are happy to help you present your house in the best possible way, enabling potential buyers to see the strengths and opportunities of your home.

After the restyling we can also make beautiful pictures of your home.

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Paperwork when selling a property

If you want to sell your property in Spain, but first need to sort out all the papers, you can contact us for an informal chat about the steps to follow and what we can do for you.

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Construction assistance

If you have any plans for (re)building a house, you can also contact us. Of course we can help with the purchase of a building plot, but also with selecting an architect, obtaining the necessary permits and supervising the entire construction process. Please feel free to contact us to discuss your plans and the possibilities.

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Property management

Also after the purchase, we will be happy to help you to enjoy the best of your home and Spanish life. We can continue to assist with all kinds of (inspection) work, such as preparing the house before you arrive, house and garden maintenance, repairs, renovations, painting work, assisting as an interpreter, etc.

Based on your specific wishes, we would like to make a customized service proposal. After purchasing your home, it is nice to know that there are people on the spot to count on.

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